How to Rename C Drive Users folder on Windows 10

Best way to customize folder names under C:\Users on Windows 10

Free Download Advanced Regedit(Win32)

When installing Windows 10, MS gets the first five letters from your login email address as the folder name under C:\Users

  • becomes C:\Uses\donal
  • becomes C:\Uses\suppo

It is very annoying and silly

Now I (King Eca) renamed C:\Uses\donal to C:\Uses\, and wrote something here because I may repeat it in the future

I Renamed name under C:/Users folder

Suppose your old name under C:\Users folder is donal, and you want to modify it to

Step 1, Create an additional Administrative user account

Skip this step if already have one

Step 2, Log in by using another Administrative account

  • Rename C:\Users\donal to C:\Users\ in Explorer

    Right-click on the old name, select Rename

  • Edit Registry value

    • Press Windows key, enter registry editor, then Run as administrator

      Windows 10 Run Registry Editor as administrator

    • Set new C:\Users folder name in Registry

      locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

      Click on the item under ProfileList and find the item with ProfileImagePath value of C:\Users\donal

      Change C:\Users folder in Registry Editor

      Double-click ProfileImagePath to customize the value to the new name C:\Users\

      Set a New name under C:\Users folder in Registry Editor

  • Change User name (display name)

    • Press Windows key, enter netplwiz, Select netplwiz to run

      Run netplwiz on Windows 10

      Then double-click an Email address to change User name

      User name: donal, change it to

      netplwiz change User name for C Users folder

Reboot computer

Step 3, Log in to your daily administrator account (not the additional one)

Close all running programs first after restart

  • Batch search and replace Registry values

    • Download Advanced Regedit(win32)

    • Run regedit32.exe as Administrator

    • Click Edit, Search + Replace from menu

      Select Edit, Search and Replace from menu of Advanced Registry Editor

      • Search: C:\Users\donal
      • Replace: C:\Users\
      • Go

      Search and Replace C:\Users folder name in registry

  • Replace files under C:\Users\

    First, read the guide How to search and replace text in many files

    • Open C:\ in Explorer, Right-click Users folder, then Open with Code

      Open C drive Users folder with text editor

    • Right-click, select Find in Folder...

      Find text in C:\Users folder

      • Search: C:\Users\donal
      • Replace: C:\Users\
      • Files to include: ./
      • Files to exclude: **/temp/,**OneDrive/

      Click Replace all icon after searching for text

      Search and replace text in files in C:\Users new folder name folder

  • Reboot computer, Log in to daily administrator account

    Most software works fine with the new name in C driver user folder, but a few programs need to fix it by changing settings or reinstall it

    OneDrive, may require you to unlink your current computer and sign in to change the folder

2019-12-23 King Eca