Easiest Compare 2 Images for Differences on Windows 10

Drag and drop two images of the same type onto this free tool to find similarities and differences on Windows PC. Currently supports .png .jpg .jpeg .bmp .tga

Free Download (Ver 20.02.03)

Easiest Compare 2 Images for Differences is free and fully portable. The downloaded file is just a self-extractor, click it to extract the file to the current directory, click Easiest_Compare_2_Images.exe to run the program

Easiest Compare 2 Images for Differences for Windows 10

After dragging EasistSoft-a.jpg and EasiestSoft-b.jpg to the Easiest software, the software will show the similarity between the two images and save the difference image diff-EasiestSoft-a.EasiestSoft-b.jpg next to EasiestSoft-a.jpg and display diff-EasiestSoft-a.EasiestSoft-b.jpg on the software window

Similarity value and the difference image of two images

You can Download EasiestSoft-a.jpg and EasiestSoft-b.jpg to quickly test the software

Please note that the current version does not support Unicode file paths, for example, if the image path contains Japanese or Chinese characters, the image will fail to load,

Why use this easy pictures diff software

  • If you have a website, you may need this software

    Search engines may not like to see very similar images, you can download this easy-to-use software to check the images used in your website

    Ahthough there are many online images comparison tools, this software is free and completely portable, it is very small (Less than 0.5MB), you can download it in 2 seconds and it does the job better

  • It can be used to generate some kind of artistic images

    Using it to test random pictures and see the results is fun

About image resize algorithms

When you drag two images of different sizes (a.png and b.png) onto Easiest Compare 2 Images for Differences, before comparing the two images, b.png will be resized to the same size as a.png

Here are 4 Resize algorithms:

  • Nearest neighbour
  • Bilinear (default)
  • Trilinear
  • Bicubic

The default is Bilinear. You can rename the executable Easiest_Compare_2_Images.exe to start with neighbour, trilinear or bicubic to use other algorithms

For example, Rename Easiest_Compare_2_Images.exe to neighbour-Easiest_Compare_2_Images.exe before starting it to use the Nearest neighbour algorithm


End-User License Agreement for EasiestSoft Freeware